Professor Tarek Abbas Hassan President of Deans of Dental Schools of Africa


Mission and History



  • The Egyptian Dental Association is a free association of dentists dedicated to the advancement and betterment of scientific and social standards of dentists.
  • The scientific and cultural aspects are realized through holding scientific meetings at frequent intervals both in the EDA main office and in different branches of the Egyptian Dental Syndicate in various Provinces; by holding a biannual International Dental Congress in November of odd years, and by publishing a scientific journal, the Egyptian Dental Journal (EDJ) at quarterly intervals to publish scientific and clinical papers by dental researchers in Egypt and in different parts of the Arab world and the Middle East. The social aspect is realized by conducting gatherings of dentists and their families and trips and outings to various parts of the country.


  • The Egyptian Dental Association was established in 1937 when a group of dentists and dental educators got together and decided to establish a society for the advancement and spreading of updated scientific knowledge and practices among the growing body of Egyptian dental practitioners before higher education was made available in Egyptian Dental Schools.
  • The group soon founded the “Association” as a subdivision of the Egyptian Royal Medical Association, and elected Professor Amin Maher as its first president, and established its headquarters at “Daar El-Hekma” on “Kasr El-Eini” Street, the main building where the Egyptian Medical Syndicate, the Egyptian Dental Syndicate, and the Egyptian Pharmaceutical Syndicate have their headquarters.
  • The group soon started to hold scientific meetings and seminars to extend their knowledge and practical experience to the growing community of Egyptian General Dental Practitioners at the time.
  • In 1955, with the growth in Egyptian Dental Schools and their expanding staff members who started to conduct research work in their Universities, the EDA decided to establish a journal to publish the researches from the Egyptian Universities and other healthcare institutes, the first issue was published in April 1955. Then the EDA started including researches worldwide to be published.
  • The Egyptian Dental Association separated from the Egyptian Medical Association and became an independent entity in 1960.
  • In the 1970’s, the EDA, in collaboration with the Federation of Arab Dentists, held their regional Congresses in Cairo in 1973 and 1975. These were then held in various other Arab Capitals, and in 1981 the EDA held their first “International Dental Congress” at the Hilton Hotel in Cairo.
  • The series of “International Dental Congresses” has continued to be held biannually in November of odd years at different venues. Starting from 1993 till 2007, the venue of the Congress was held at “Marriott Hotel” in Cairo, then in 2009, the venue was moved to the Intercontinental Hotel City Stars Cairo till now.
  • The EDA continues to hold lectures and seminars directed to the dental practitioners and oral & maxillofacial surgeons at regular intervals at their premises in Mat’haf El-Manial St., as well as in various provinces all over the country.
  • The EDA also organizes treatment caravans and social meetings and trips to various attractive as well as remote parts of the country, and has organized “Omra” trips in Ramadan from 1421H (2000 A.D.) until last year 1435H (2014 A.D.)as well as omra trip in April 2015