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Different Rotary Kinematics & Approach


Friday 24th of November, 2017


Intercontinental Citystars, Cairo.


Keynote Speakers:

Dr.Mohamed M. Kataia
Lecturer of Endodontics Minia Uni.
Lecturer of Endodontics and acting H.O.D. British Uni.
Maillefer Certified Official Trainer of Trainers.
EndoStar Trainer in Egyptian Dental Syndicate

Learning objectives:

After the lecture the student will be able to:

  1. Understand all geometrical features of root canal cutting instruments and their effect on the instruments behavior on cutting root canal dentine.
  2. Identify and get familiar with recent root canal cutting instruments, pros and cons.
  3. Know the precautions and safe guards when using root canal cutting instruments.
  4. Handel and manage different approaches to difficult cases.
  5. Know tips for an errorless electronic apex location.
  6. Manage the mechanics of the tool with minimum procedural errors
  7. Perform single visit root canal treatment with recent systems.
  8. Be acquainted with the recent technology in Obturating canals and the combination of different techniques to reach a three dimensional seal

The workshop will include:

  2. Hands On:
    Hands on will be divided into 2 sections; each candidate will have an opportunity to prepare canals of natural teeth using two different approaches explained in the demo.

This course is designed for under graduates, fresh graduates, general practitioners and junior endodontic specialists.

More Information:

  1. No of attendees: 20 delegates
  2. Duration: 4 hours ( 10:00 – 02:00 )
  3. Certification: 3.5 credit hours
  4. Registration fees:
    -Â Students:Â 600 L.E.
    – Graduates and Doctors: 800 L.E.

Each Candidate will operate under magnification and will receive a FREE Endo Star Kit

Sponsors:Â Endo star

Hands On


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