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Diode Lasers in Dentistry


Wednesday 22nd of November, 2017



Intercontinental City Stars, Cairo.



Keynote Speakers:

Mohammed Mohsen Abdelfattah (Egypt)
MSc “Lasers in Dental Applications�, Genova University, Italy.


Learning objectives:

  1. Overview of History of Lasers
  2. Laser Physics
  3. Classification of lasers.
  4. Tissue interactions with Lasers.
  5. Different wavelengths that are used in Dentistry.
  6. Laser Safety
  7. Parameters of Lasers
  8. Dental Applications of Lasers.


The workshop will include:

  1. Manipulating of Laser Device.
  2. How to Adjust the Parameters.
  3. Hands on training on sheep heads with diode Laser.


More Information:

  1. No of attendees: 20-25 delegates
  2. Duration: 4 hours ( 10:00 – 02:00 )
  3. Certification: 3.5 credit hours
  4. Registration fees: 700 L.E.


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