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Medical and Dental Photography


Wednesday 22th of November, 2017


Intercontinental City Stars, Cairo


Keynote Speakers:

Dr. Ahmad Salah Hashem
Oral Surgeon
MD, Environmental Medical Sciences and Biomedical Statistics,
Institute of Environmental Studies and Research, Ain Shams
Quality Control and Quality Assurance High Diploma, Institute of
Statistical Studies and Research, Cairo University

Learning Objectives:

– Principal basics of light characteristics related to photography.
– Required tools.
– Principles of dental photography.
– Criteria of accepted scientific dental images.
– Errors and solutions
– Image enhancement

What the candidate will be able to do?

1. – Proper selection and use of needed tools
2. – Producing high quality dental images
3. – Avoiding and/or solving errors
4. – Dealing with advanced photography applications
5. – Knowing the required views for each specialty.
6. – Using the produced images as a research tool.
7. – Communicate through “Teledentistryâ€� concept

– Duration: 6 hours ( 11:00 – 05:00 )
– Certification: 5.5 credit hours
– Registration fees: 900
– No of attendees: 15-20

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